Toothpaste formulated for dry, sensitive mouths.

The natural ingredients soothe and care for the sensitive oral mucosa.

It does not contain any aggressive additives such as alcohol or SLS.

Daily brushing with Oraflogo Toothpaste promotes healthy oral flora and fresh breath.


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Natural, SLS-free toothpaste formulated for dry, sensitive mouths.

SLS , Sodium Lauryl Sulphate: One problematic substance is a foaming surfactant, i.e. a washing-active substance. Relatively aggressive and can irritate the mucous membranes.

Additional information

100% vegan, of course

"Aloe Vera" "Hyaluronate" "Tea Tree Oil" "Peppermint" and other natural products that promote moisture in the mouth and fresh breath.

SLS free

SLS is an additive that is also added to detergents. It causes the products to foam, but is relatively aggressive for the sensitive oral mucosa and worsens the dry mouth of the affected patients.


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