SOLUGuard Protect is dedicated to sports without physical contact

SOLUGuard Contact is dedicated to combat and contact sports

Why use a mouth guard?

Very often people who practice sports with physical contact do not think of equipping themselves with a mouthguard. No doubt they are not aware of the risks involved and the sometimes irreversible consequences for dentition (this is even more true for children). The risks incurred by all athletes regardless of age are:

In closed mouth position with tight jaws

  • cuts and lacerations of the lips and cheeks,
  • mandible fractures,
  • fractured teeth (very high risk for the upper incisor-canine group),
  • inter-dental shocks threatening all teeth.

In loose jaw position

  • risks for TMJs (Temporo Mandibular Joints), the inner ear, the dental arch and the upper jaw when violent blows meet no resistance
  • risk of KOs, concussions, hemorrhages, cervical injuries, dislocations and fractures of the jaw in sports where commitment is important

Contact sport

  • Boxing
  • karate
  • combat sports in general

The risks : These are the punches from the bottom up (under the chin), front and side, as well as the kicks.

The mouthguard: It is essential that the boxer keeps the facial mass welded by the mouthguard in order to optimize the muscular stay system of the head and neck and, therefore, to prevent trauma to the cervical spine and cerebral knockout. Otherwise, separated jaws that do not encounter any resistance to blows would be exposed to various traumas (fracture of the mandible, contusions, dislocations and intra-articular edema of TMJ Temporo Mandibular Joints). So the mouthguard covers the upper and lower arch up to 1 mm from the bottom of the vestibule and presents holes at the level of the canine incisor block for breathing. These holes should be large enough to allow excellent ventilation and prevent the boxer from opening his mouth to get oxygen.

The SOLUGuard solution: SOLUGuard CONTACT to protect your smile and an indispensable part of your equipment for boxing, karate and other martial arts.

Sports without physical contact

  • Cycling
  • Squash
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Handball
  • Sk
  • hyperactive children

The risks : The identified risks are to receive projectiles (balls, balls…) or to fall.

The mouthguard: In this case, the mouthguard only covers the upper arch, the occlusal surface is partially flat.

The SOLUGuard solution : SOLUGuard PROTECT is THE solution to protect your smile in sports without physical contact.

The risks for children

Trauma to temporary teeth is a real threat to the germs of successional teeth, due to the anatomical proximity of the apex of the temporary teeth to said germs. For wearers of fixed orthodontic appliances, under the impulse of shocks, the intraoral mucous tissues are injured on the arches, ligatures and ties. Distorted arches, loose rings or loose fasteners require emergency consultation. According to the thesis of doctor WISSLER , in sports where physical contact is important, wearing a mouthguard is recommended from the age of 12 when the dental arch is complete, from the central incisor to the first molar. The adaptation or replacement of the mouthguard will be carried out by monitoring the practitioner. For children who have orthodontic treatment, protection must be compulsory and follow-up flawless. From the age of 15, engagement in most sports is identical to that of adults. Here too, protection should be systematic. The reasons most often given to justify the absence or abandonment of protection are:

  • Discomfort (problem breathing and speaking)
  • Unaware of the risks
  • Lack of information.

SOLUGUARD CONTACT is available online now!

SOLUGUARD PROTECT is available online now!

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