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SoluNox solution against snoring

SoluGuard mouth guard solution

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The SoluBrux solution

The anti-bruxim solution which allows a perfect adaptation to the individual morphology and which remains stable thanks to a uniform thickness of the appliance between the upper and lower teeth. SoluBrux has a flexible and solid surface facilitating the adjustment of the device at any time, which ensures high comfort. Finally, developed in collaboration with dentists and universities, SoluBrux is made with the same material as laboratory devices, meeting high medical standards.


Dental research has shown that bruxism induces:
– Sleeping troubles
– Pain in the jaw and facial muscle
– May be a factor in headaches and tinnitus.
– Can be a factor of daily fatigue.

The SoluBrux® unit contains:
1 preformed SOLUBrux® mouthguard.
1 polypropylene box (food standards)
1 holding handle (used to obtain the impression of the teeth)
1 occlusal sheet (used to obtain the impression of the teeth) All materials are non-toxic and non-allergenic and certified for use in oral cavities. SoluBrux® is recognized by the CE sign as a class I medical product. The box is sealed with a VOID sticker providing security and traceability which has never been opened before.

The SoluNox solution

SOLUNox® is a splint designed for the treatment of habitual snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea in adults. This is a one-piece splint for protrusion of the lower jaw, intended for immediate use. The SOLUNox® mouthpiece is an effective solution to stop snoring quickly and easily.

When traveling, people with sleep apnea usually using a CPAP-type device as part of their treatment can, after medical consultation, temporarily replace it with SOLUNox®

1- SOLUNox® is an anti-snoring mouthpiece to quickly and easily stop snoring.
2- SOLUNox® offers great comfort to its user, prevents snoring and reduces breathing interruptions.
3- SOLUNox® is a custom-made mouthpiece for immediate use that the user can adapt himself to his own teeth.
4- SOLUNox® can be used temporarily (travel) by users of CPAP type devices following medical consultation.
5- SOLUNox® is a nightguard that can be personalized several times to best adjust to the evolution of your teeth.
6- SOLUNox® guarantees you a healthy and restful sleep.

The adjustment of the splint to the patient’s mouth can be carried out by the patient himself (following the instructions provided or by a doctor (eg ENT, doctor in a sleep laboratory, dentist). Properly adjusted, the device offers great comfort, preventing snoring and very often interruptions of breathing during the night (sleep apnea).

SOLUNox® is a protruding lower jaw splint. Its operation is based on the principle of advancement of the lower jaw and the root of the tongue. The airways remain open during sleep, making breathing easier and reducing snoring.

The SoluGuard solution

The SOLUGuard Protect mouthguard is dedicated to sports without physical contact. It is aimed at those who practice the following sports: cycling, BMX, mountain biking, squash, tennis, skiing, snowboarding, basketball, handball, football, horse riding, golf, etc. It can also be used by hyperactive children.

The major risks associated with playing any of these sports are accidentally falling or being hit by a ball or projectile. The mouthguard must therefore be able to absorb a compression shock between the occlusal parts and protect the upper arch.

A less likely risk is being struck by another player and being nudged, for example. While this risk is unlikely in contactless sports, it is not zero. A good mouthguard must therefore also have a locking device for the anterior jaw. This will be less substantial than that necessary for contact sports so as to offer safety, wearing comfort and better phonation (possibility to express oneself when wearing the mouthguard).

1-SOLU Guard is an innovative mouthguard – It is a registered model
2-SOLU Guard offers maximum protection
3-SOLU Guard is comfortable, retentive and allows easy communication and breathing
4-SOLU Guard is a mouthguard that can be personalized several times to best adjust to the evolution of your teeth
5-SOLU Guard is of the same quality as dental laboratory mouthguards and are made of the same material
6-SOLU Guard is a tailor-made mouthguard that the user adapts himself to his own teeth

SOLUGuard Protect allows a perfect fit to the individual morphology for a stable support thanks to a uniform thickness of the splint between the upper and lower teeth. The SOLUGuard mouthguard is made from the same material as dental laboratory mouthguards. SOLUGuard Protect was developed in collaboration with dentists and academics. It provides maximum protection.

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